Café Bridge

Café me up!

The world of Cafés brings a new spirit into your every day stories. Not only hangover brunches, everlasting lunches, swift business meetings, afternoon tea parties, dinners and wild evenings but also haunting creativity which gets under your skin. Cafés are the platform for thoughts and ideas.


Café Bridge
will establish cooperation between Czech and Georgian cafés. We see Cafés as creative meeting points of ideas and inspirations. Aware of the soul every Café should have, we will choose one café in Brno, Czech Republic and one in Tbilisi, Georgia. Bearing the idea of Voice of Georgia on our mind, another platform for dialogue will be opened. Georgian movies and photos will be shown in Brno and Czech movies and photos will be shown in Tbilisi. Cafés’ atmosphere opens a wide range of possibilities how to spread a dialogue.


  • to come closer to creative youth and support them
  • to open a space for innovative thoughts and contemporary art in Tbilisi
  • to share Czech and Georgian experience at informal level
  • to support the Café spirit and spread it in Tbilisi

A conceptual framework of long term festival involves movie screening, evening soireés, exhibitions, concerts, workshops and round tables.
We will start the
Café Bridge with screening of Czech and Georgian short documentaries. Not only visible things form the reality, we will go beyond the surface and watch the parts of real life in Georgia and in the Czech Republic. While screening, a piece of art will be created directly in the Café. A typical follow up in the name of partying will take place.

Café Discovery in Tbilisi
Café Falk in Brno

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